Lorna Hecht Zablow

17 years clinical experience working with individuals, couples and families.

“Operationally, ideal family treatment begins when one can find a family leader with the courage to define self, who is as invested in the welfare of the family as in self, who is neither angry or dogmatic, whose energy goes into changing self rather than telling others what they should do, who can know and respect the multiple opinions of others, who can modify self in response to the strengths of the group, and who is not influenced by the irresponsible opinions of others.  When one family member moves toward “differentiation,” the family symptoms disappear.  A family leader is beyond the notion of power.  A responsible family leader automatically generates mature leadership qualities in other family members who are to follow.”  Kerr and Bowen, Family Evaluation, pgs. 342-343

My job is to assist you in your efforts to make good decisions, to have healthy relationships, and to pursue your life goals and dreams.

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Chronic Anxiety Begins When Others Start To Feel It

Chronic Anxiety Begins When Others Start To Feel It  “Anxiety can be defined as the response of an organism to a threat, real or imagined. It is a process that, in some form, is present in all living things.” (Kerr, Bowen 1988) According to Family Systems Theory, […]